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Wireless Network Configuration → Android

These instructions assume this is not the first setup of the Android device. The Android Operating System has a reputation of varying slightly from one manufacturer to another. There may be small differences in the settings but they should be very close to the following:

  1. Touch the Menu Key then select “Settings”.

  2. Touch “Wireless and network”.

  3. Select Wi-Fi settings. Turn on Wi-Fi if it is not on.

  4. The device will automatically locate available networks. Touch Kongu_Wifi (This is the secure connection to the Kongu_Wifi Wireless network).

  5. A dialog box will appear with several configuration choices. Enter the following settings:

    1. EAP method -> PEAP

    2. Phase 2 authentication -> MSCHAPV2

    3. Enter your Net-Id account name in the Identity field.

    4. Enter your Net-Id password in the Password field.

  6. Touch Connect. You will be connected to the Kongu_Wifi Wireless network.